Diversity in Everything

Our diversity of people, thinking, and values helps our client companies invent and build better products, faster. We’ve proven that model. Our people and teams have built the technology you use every day and we’re now engaged in inventing the tech you’ll be using next year and next decade. Our depth of diversity creates powerful innovations that drive business and make technology companies technology leaders.

The ever-accelerating global economy means that companies are constantly searching for experts with new experience, perspectives, and skills that help them invent better products. Products that win in the global market are developed by diverse teams, and building those teams is our core value.

We are technologists first, so we know how to find the precisely right engineer or team that can start delivering almost immediately. From temporary employees to career placements to full RPO services, we’ll find the expertise you need to win in the global market.

Temporary Employment

Sometimes you need just the right person to jump start a project, overcome an obstacle, or accelerate your development process. Because we started as engineers and are naturally diverse, we’ll find precisely the right person for your technology needs and company culture. We’ll get the expert that’ll accelerate your time to market.

Direct Hire Placement

The global economy today requires that you get to market quickly, with exactly the right product. That’s hard and it takes the right teams to do it. Our deep understanding of technology and your business enable us to shorten the recruitment cycle, so you can deliver world-class products faster and repeatedly.

Building Teams

Bringing disruptive and game-changing ideas to market requires a diversity of experts to achieve. If that’s what you’re up to, we can help. We build teams of diverse experts that get products to market. If you’re building the prototypes of visionary products, we’ll deliver the team that makes them work and accelerates your go-to-market plan.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPOs makes hiring easier and less costly. We know your technology and have insight into available talent pools, resources, experience, and expertise you need to bring your projects to fruition. An RPO allows you to efficiently review, interview, and onboard quality (and hard-to-find) candidates at speed. And, our up-to-date compensation data and upfront knowledge of the candidate’s expectations and status prevent any bottlenecks during recruitment.